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~*MarLa Singer*~

I joined this crazy place on 2008-04-29, 11 years ago.

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Rental Agencies? - 6 years ago

THanks MN. Grooming-no. The pool has been winterized. Tenants can choose to keep it winterized or open it in the spring, whichever they would prefer. They need to follow the instructions tho th...

Rental Agencies? - 6 years ago

My home is for rent,$1000 a month, we accept pets, have a fenced in yard, are two minutes from the front gate and have 4bd 2bth. It's an older house but it's all been upgraded. Oh and a brand new deck...

For those ladie who have had implants.... - 6 years ago

Oh, actually the memory gels are safe if they rupture now because the gel stays inside the implant and does not seep into your body. Saline ones can ripple and when they do, yuck! Another conce...

For those ladie who have had implants.... - 6 years ago

I had mine done at Dr.D's too. It was $5600 for the memory gels, that was with a 10% military discount for the surgerical fees and a 10% discount as a promo they were running at the time (a year from ...

Best Childcare Possibilities.. - 6 years ago

The CDC. My daughter loved it there. Her main teachers were amazing. Woo, have you asked about alternative menu options? My daughter couldn't eat a lot of things bc of allergies so she was giv...

Sooooooo - 6 years ago

Your mom. JK! lol Im about to go to the store to get a phone charger and walk off some of this chinese food I ate last night. I feel like a piglet.

Halo 4 - 6 years ago

I don't play any of that stuff.

Halo 4 - 6 years ago

Oh hell yeah! But not really.

Crazy shooter in Michigan. - 6 years ago

Well, I'm glad you left then if it was to get away from a meanie!

POLL: To Bite or Not To Bite..... - 6 years ago

[i]I see your point of view and in some things I follow that... but not with everything. For instance. I curse. Like a sailor. My kids aren't allowed to curse. My kids know that there are things adult...

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