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I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-24, 10 years ago.

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Same People Over and Over - 6 years ago

Yes, you're right. I thought I was doing good by just deleting when I saw the same ones who had stood me up multiple times, but then after time goes by, I think...surely maybe ONCE they will not be a ...

Same People Over and Over - 6 years ago

When someone tells me they will be here in an hour or an hour and a half, I am courteous to not leave and be present. They should have manners enough to let me know they aren't going to show up. I end...

Same People Over and Over - 6 years ago

Ugh. It's always the same people over and over over the last four years that always say they're coming and never show up! What is the point? I usually delete their emails, but occasionally I overlook...

High Quality Furniture? - 6 years ago

Uses email (say it through pm please!!! ~ MN) I'm getting strange emails. Like-will you meet me 15 miles out, about 20 minutes. How the H--- does he/she know where I live? Asking about something I'm ...

11 year old cancer patient fundraiser - 7 years ago

Thank you, Vicky. I will try them. I didn't realize they were still open.

11 year old cancer patient fundraiser - 7 years ago

My daughter has requested and collected cards from all her classmates and we have done a card shower request on our facebooks. Does anyone have an address where we can get these to him? I asked Diane ...

Yard Sales on CPYS - 8 years ago

Found it. Thanks!

Yard Sales on CPYS - 8 years ago

Am I missing something? Did they do away with the map of yard sales on CPYS?

VA homeloan info - 8 years ago

American Home Securities in the Brandywine Shopping Center is awesome. Ask for Michelle. She can do amazing things. They have their underwriter in the office so it's a quick, easy loan to get.

An alarming email from - 8 years ago

Anyone else get some of these? I've had a few this morning, but this one in particular.... I am so sorry I have to ask you this and to put you in this situation, but you are my last resort…I...

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