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I joined this crazy place on 2008-12-17, 10 years ago.

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My name is ?.... and I am from California. I am a law student and plan on being a prosecutor for the DA. One year left and I am done. I currently live in Morehead City.

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Free grill - 5 years ago

Large grill works has fridge need to light with long lighter cones with sear burner must pick up.

Mothers and Child Support - 8 years ago

I agree with Champ.

Mothers and Child Support - 8 years ago

Then why do these moms not work?

Mothers and Child Support - 8 years ago

[i]Child support is meant for the mother to raise a child. No mother gets enough to LIVE on. Raising a child means you have to pay rent, electricity, food, clothes, shampoo, gas to take them place...

Mothers and Child Support - 8 years ago

My hubby pays 825.00 per month for a 17 yr old and the mom spends it on herself. No one spends that kind of money monthly on one kid. No way! I think CS should be monitored if the state is involved...

Trick or Treat - 8 years ago

Halloween in Carteret County is on Saturday night 10/30

NAME CHANGE: *MILITARYWIFE* is now *Lovemyman* - 8 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Mothers and Child Support - 8 years ago

I really hate that there are mothers out there that LIVE OFF Child Support. I see it all around me. CS is not for the mother to live on it is for the child. Just a a thought. Since I moved here I...

Urgent care? - 8 years ago

Just go to an Urgent care near you or the ER

I need advice - 9 years ago

FYI- if you have Tricare prime you need a referral otherwise you will pay for the visit and it will not be covered. if you have standard you can just go.

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