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Texas gal

I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-17, 13 years ago.

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I was born and raised in Texas. Have been station in nc for a lil over 4 years now. I love it! I am a country girl born and raised. i'm your everyday typical country gal! I love making new friends you could never have enough!

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Prayer's for a speedy recovery please. - 10 years ago

i had a c section the 28th and ended up with a blood clot had to have emergency surgery a week after,than was diagnosed with a flesh eating disease and cellulatious and had to go back for another surg...

prayers needed please. - 10 years ago

Lmk: my brother is doing better they put him on heart meds and so far so good thank you for asking.

prayers needed please. - 10 years ago

Thank you everyone for the prayers my mother is doing well and healing well thank you for the prayers. now she has to go back and get her gallbladder remove,If it's not one thing it's another. But so ...

prayers needed please. - 10 years ago

Thank's everyone! means a lot to me!!

More Tragedy - 10 years ago

not very far from my home town. a lot of west Texas are helping in every way they can. it's great to know we have people to lean on when we need them.

prayers needed please. - 10 years ago

My mother is having to have a emergency surgery due to a complicated hernia on her pelvic bone and a hour later I found out my brother is having heart failure. There my biggest support and the only im...

self tanning questions. - 10 years ago

Thank you so much just ready for my son to be here. this preg. is a whole lot different than my first one a lot more pain. but it'll be worth it in the end.

self tanning questions. - 10 years ago

I was put on bed rest so i would'nt go in to labor so i spent the weekend pale as a ghost under my cover's keeping warm.

self tanning questions. - 10 years ago

I know i've tried some years ago and i have'nt touched it since lol. i thought maybe i'd change things up a bit but who know's i think i would enjoy myself more spending the weekend in bed resting.

self tanning questions. - 10 years ago

So I have a wedding this weekend i'm going to be in and i'm 32 weeks preg my question is I need some color to my body and i'm not one that tans so I was wondering if I went to sally's beauty and bough...

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