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Moving and pregnant - 6 years ago

IF base has openings YES your PCM will be there if not you will have one out in town. No need for Deers just call tricare and let them know you PCS'd and they will change everything for you As far as ...

Elementary school shooting - 6 years ago

Ryan Lanza is alive not dead Rumor is that its his brother Adam that stole his ID's that then proceeded to kill his father mother and the children at the school..

Edible arrangements - 6 years ago

call the hospital and ask them at the nurses desk im sure they wont mind telling you what shift shes working and then that way you can have them delivered and they will be fresh

Who died there? - 6 years ago

May not be a who but more of a What...because animals that die in houses or near houses can haunt ppl to... MN search your address on google and put like Died at ( insert address)

Rental Agencies? - 6 years ago

Marla did you get rid of the pool?

anyone shop Sears Online - 6 years ago

PM i have codes for 10% off Intimates, Sleep wear,Fragrance and cosmetics, Jewelry, watches home fashions and household well as 2 coupons for 15 % off clothing and accessories... Valid Dec1-...

Vaccines and base childcare - 6 years ago

I delayed certain shots for my youngest until he was over a year old because they dont need all of them right away..but he has them all right down to the flu mist.. Better to be safe then sorry cuz ev...

Vaccines and base childcare - 6 years ago

I personally think parents who do not vaccinate should be charged with Endangerment of a child...not their own children but endangerment of those to young to be vaccinated against certain diseases lik...

Vaccines and base childcare - 6 years ago

You can not have your child at a state or government operated facility unless your child is vaccinated. I am all for vaccines all of my kids are up to date and I dont have to worry about my babies dyi...

Happy Thanksgiving - 6 years ago

Gobble Gobble Gobble..Hope your day is full of Great things and Happy Dreams Enjoy this day but dont forget those who sacrificed all that they had and be greatful for what you have today for it may...

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