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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 14 years ago.

» save Vicky as my FRIEND - HOSER

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It’s been a long time - 1 years ago

Without you my friends. Can’t comment on my last post. Made a new one.

Hey You Guys!!!! - 2 years ago

I wish we could bring this back to life! I had a facebook memory from Ja Ja Jacky today! Stay safe out there!

Zim....don’t just lurk..... - 4 years ago

Chat a while!!!

Hello - 5 years ago

Thanks Zim

Open Letter - 6 years ago

I am still in the same house, at the same job.... sigh... It's all good though. Saying good bye to my grand daughter next Sunday. She is moving to the west side of the state. Won't get to see her ...

Open Letter - 6 years ago

A good thing about the underground, it's not overrun with advertisements and other threads and other posts and crap.

Open Letter - 6 years ago

I totally missed this thread! LOL

I frickin' hate some people! - 6 years ago

went through a hole in a fence to a boat dock that is "private property".

I frickin' hate some people! - 6 years ago

So tired of small town politics and those that think they are high and mighty.... Press charges on a 7 year old.... Do they not know how much they sound like a whiny 7 year old????? And don't ge...

That Moment When.............. - 7 years ago

Someone posts on their facebook about the dangers of drugs and yet their daughter is one of the biggest potheads in school...... That moment when..... Someone comments on your facebook post abou...

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