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Keep it Simple

I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-03, 13 years ago.

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I am 32 yrs.old and I was born and raised in Atlantic Beach,NC. Been married (7 yrs) to the greatest husband in the world. Just looking to get advice and post opinions. We are expecting our 1st born after several years of infertility issues and many many treatments.

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President's Day/Weekend sale! - 12 years ago

I use another demo, would that code work on anybody or is it just you offering the deal?

Please vote for my baby!! - 12 years ago

Voted, good luck!

Saturday Open Letter - 12 years ago

Ahh! Ok.

Saturday Open Letter - 12 years ago

What in the world?Apparently Jac and Kristin are back?No one can stay away from CPU.

Welcome baby Elijah - 12 years ago

Both are doing well right now. Elijah has jaundice, but the doctor said that was expected with him being born prematurely. He is eating but his breathing is a little difficult for him right now. They ...

Welcome baby Elijah - 12 years ago

He was born at 1154pm last night. Weighing in at 4LBS 5OZ 18"long. Congrats to Bekah and Jake for creating such a handsome little man! It was a long labor but being there with her couldn't have brou...

Prayers Please - 12 years ago

Bekah wants to thank all of you for your prayers. She and the baby are doing alright. The baby will need to stay a little while, but is expected to be just fine.

Prayers Please - 12 years ago

Update! They are sending her to Wilmington because gestational age

Prayers Please - 12 years ago

She is in Morehead. She stayed at my house again last night and started cramping last night, it turned into contractions by early morning

Prayers Please - 12 years ago

They have decided to admit her :( Elijah will be here early it looks like. They are giving her steroids to help mature his lungs

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