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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-15, 13 years ago.

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Never apologize for saying what you feel. It's like apologizing for being real

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ab circle pro - 12 years ago

I have one and LOVE it. Had it for 6 months. My sides are slimmer and my "flab" is shrinking. I have up so its almost to the highest height and I feel it everytime. My thighs are starting to get more ...

Mold/Binder Oaks - 12 years ago

I'd contact the health the dept. Say you've been calling and nothing is being done, show them pictures. Bet it will get the a$$es moving then.

Mold/Binder Oaks - 12 years ago

I'd keep on them about it. Its a huge health risk and something needs to be done.

Switching birth control tomorrow (hopefully)...need help - 12 years ago

Had a good friend who got pregnant while on yaz. She loved the short periods, no cramps, etc. Except it made her migraines so bad she had at 3 major ones a week. Base doc put her on meds for migraine ...

This is horrible - 12 years ago

Every dairy farm I've ever driven by has tons of cows out in a HUGE FIELD. None of these "allegations" will make me become vegan

Ultrasounds... - 12 years ago

Had first at like 7 weeks to confirm then one at like 5 or 6 months to confirm sex

paternity test - 12 years ago

Ok, if there are trust issues they can work it out as a couple. Obviously his trust issues start way back. Saying you should choose your spouse better is a sh*tty comment. You can think you know every...

paternity test - 12 years ago

"This whole discussion could have been avoided if people simply chose the right kind of spouse" That's a b*tch thing to say. Things like that may not come to surface till they are faced with it. Ob...

Whooping Cough... - 12 years ago

Our son slept in the same room with us (in his crib) till he was about 6 months then we moved him to his own room. I slept with the monitor by my head. But he did great and still does great and he's 3...

POLL: Breastfeeding - 12 years ago

I tried and did not make enough. If I have another will I try again? Probably not. It was very hard and emotional to deal with. Advertisements don't do anything for me as I don't pay attention to any ...

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