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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-28, 9 years ago.

» save Nikita as my FRIEND - HOSER

[23] Mother of one amazing boy, Married 5 years to a Marine Veteran.

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childrens place... - 8 years ago

Ribbon Cutting - The Children's Place 4/1 11:30 am April 1st I assume then.

Sister Wives to be charged? - 8 years ago

It isn't for me, but he's only legally married to one woman. he just had a ceremony with the other 3.. I don't think its fair he's being investigated and all that stuff.

Georgia? - 8 years ago

Melinda.. she used to chat on here alot.

Georgia? - 8 years ago

Ask Mindi, shes from GA she'd know more about it.

Open Letter - 8 years ago

dear my lord jesus christ my mother has nothing left, shes packing all day and night alone and taking whatever she can and moving in with a friend for a short period of time and taking my old blind...

Pensacola - 8 years ago

yep yep! steph has it right. I live in Mary Esther. 30 mins from Pcola. 2 hours from Panama City Beach!

NAME CHANGE: *NikNik* is now *Nikita* - 8 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Pensacola - 8 years ago

I live 30 minutes from there, & I like it! very nice gorgeous beach. nice sized mall.. :D

14 y/o boy was hunting & accidently shot - 8 years ago

[url=][/url] :( edited by Jacky

NAME CHANGE: *Nikita* is now *NikNik* - 8 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

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