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MMC :)

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-25, 9 years ago.

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Melissa, 20, Married to my best friend, He's a diesel mechanic/Motor T. We are expecting our first baby, A BOY in Feb. Been here a little over 2 years we like it but we are ready to head back to South Carolina!! :)

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Boxes? - 8 years ago

lol.. love that movie

Boxes? - 8 years ago

Hey ya'll it has been a while! We are moving back to SC wondering if any of you have any boxes you need to get rid of?? I'm running out of boxes! Thanks :)

Oh. My. Gosh. crazy people. - 8 years ago

Yes! at first I was thinking it was just a small baby.. but no.. she gave birth to him.. and left him there!! here is the 911 call GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A 911 call made by a man who found a ne...

Oh. My. Gosh. crazy people. - 8 years ago

I am from this area, saw people on my FB talking about it this morning so I looked at the local news.. I can't believe this!! GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A cleaning crew at the Bi-Lo Center found a newborn...

POLL: Anyone going tomorrow? - 8 years ago

Didn't go.. But tons of friends on fb that went said it wasn't worth it.. paid $8 a piece to get in. no free samples or anything.. Idk how much the stuff actually cost. They said it was WAY to crowded...

tattoo cover up,.. - 8 years ago

[i]ol But mine are black and colorful so maybe that was why.[/i] prob.. my sisters tat was really light and not very bright. Plus she has dark skin so it didn't take much to cover it up.

tattoo cover up,.. - 8 years ago

i think shes talkin about the makeup.. my sister used some and it worked really good u couldnt even tell. idk what the name of it was.. but she got it from a bridal shop.. ive seen it in alot of the...

For those that are suppose to get tax refund on Friday... - 8 years ago

[b]Deposit - REPUBLIC TRS ERD FED [/b] federal. That is what the bank statement says..

AMCC Question. - 8 years ago

can be performed at the Auto Hobby Shop. (IS THAT EVEN OPEN?) yeah the hobby shop is open..

For those that are suppose to get tax refund on Friday... - 8 years ago

we already got ours.. we got it at midnight on Tuesday. We use navy fed, had a pending deposit for a few days but it showed $0.00.. then our federal was in there on Tuesday morning when we woke up.

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