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Double O 7

I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-24, 7 years ago.

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Send your good vibes my way please! - 5 years ago

So glad to hear he got the job! I hope he enjoys it. Its so nice to work doing something you enjoy ;)

I'm finalllly here ;) - 5 years ago

Are ya'll planning any summer events this year? We have been so busy with renovations and moving we haven't been able to have much fun. Hopefully that will change soon! How is everyone? I finally m...

11yr old transgender - 6 years ago

[i]Im all for people being happy, but But = ignore everything I said before this..... [/i] Absolutely not. I wanted to explain WHY before I went into my 'statement' ;)

11yr old transgender - 6 years ago

[i]If you;re all for people being happy, why are you sickened? The way people feel is the way they feel. One of my nephews is "different" for lack of a better term. He's 8 years old and has ...

hydrocodone and preg. - 6 years ago

[i]Just lay off the meth. I took some when my back was going ape chit on me.[/i] You got meth for your back? LOL

Religion. - 6 years ago

[i]I do too... Organized religion. Then you have the people who are so devout but they are the most nasty judgemental people you will ever meet. I think they missed the message.[/i] AGREED 100%

11yr old transgender - 6 years ago

Im all for people being happy, but having NO beleif in the whole "I feel like a different gender thing", this whole situation is sickening to me!

Homeowners - 6 years ago

Anyone have a great contractor that is available Mid April for adding an addition onto a house?

ATTN MODS / Old Acct Login - 6 years ago

Oh she got it ;-) YAY! Thanks Gloria

Crock Pot ideas? - 6 years ago

Giggling to myself because for some reason I see 'crack pot' every time I see the thread

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