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who's talking here?

Nik.Nik♥™ 10
Vicky 1
☆Mashley1219☆ 3
**Kathy with a K** 3
PeggyHill 1
JuJuJudyJuJu 8
☼♥Brandi♥ 1
Muse 10
Von☜♥☞Dutch 3
Nikita 2
MusicNote 1

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Nik.Nik♥™ --- 9 years ago -

Photobucket Photobucket 

Nik.Nik♥™ --- 9 years ago -

me and my cake that i had two bites of b/c it was too chocolaty. yeck. && dont mind me. i was in jammies. 

Muse --- 9 years ago -


Nik.Nik♥™ --- 9 years ago -


Vicky (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

AWESOME CAKE!!! Who did it? 

Nik.Nik♥™ --- 9 years ago -

Walmart!! :D 

☆Mashley1219☆ --- 9 years ago -

Ok sorry so late i had to go find them and rope them up ok b-day girls who gets fristed pick. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

☼♥Brandi♥ --- 9 years ago -

awww thanks 

Muse --- 8 years ago -


**Kathy with a K** --- 8 years ago -

And we can't forget the entertainment!!!!!


Von☜♥☞Dutch --- 8 years ago -

I am thinking I am desertrose lol...although I am von dutch now ...thanks guys..I had candles in shooters at applebees lol 

Muse --- 8 years ago -

Thanks, Kathy- you really know how to bring it!!!! I'm partying with YOU next time haha!! 

**Kathy with a K** --- 8 years ago -

Pffft! I just realized this thread is like a year old!! 

Von☜♥☞Dutch --- 8 years ago -

lol I did too when I saw that my name is already on it...but as my name lol..I was like hmmm my birthday wasnt really that sucky this time so then I figured it out and I am not desertrose anymore. 

Nikita --- 8 years ago -

LOL! I remember this!! awww thanks MN! 

Nikita --- 8 years ago -

i need to get a new picture up here with a new cake and 23 candles! :D 

**Kathy with a K** --- 8 years ago -

Well, I guess birthdays come like once a year or some junk. It was nice of MN to dig this up and cheer you up Nikita. This is a case of good thread digging. 

Von☜♥☞Dutch --- 8 years ago -

I wanna go dancing but I cant seem to frickin get anyone to go dancing with me. 

MusicNote (Mod) --- 4 years ago -


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