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Torn Rotator Cuff

who's talking here?

Vicky 21
Little Miss Knowitall 11
Shannon 2
MrsSmitty10 1

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Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

It's a Kmart commercial.

Guys are in tux jackets and "Joe Boxers". 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Yea you right! They make fun of JCPenny and their pants sale. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

A surprise at the follow up appointment today....

NO TORN ROTATOR CUFF.... Instead....

My labrum was shredded and peeled back. Had to be trimmed up and anchored back down.

Physical Therapy starts Wednesday. Already back to work. Hopefully off all but Motrin as of Friday and I got to sleep in my bed last night!


BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Yea cause sleeping on a couch sucks. To me. Those tears can be just as painful. At least that helps with support and stability. You may actually feel better than before. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Let's hope so Boom! Get to start letting my fingers do the walking up the wall tomorrow! Yikes! I can feel the pain already! 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I want to change my pain meds (since they don't work) and want to be able to sleep sitting up in bed.

Anyone have any suggestions on meds the found effective or ways to sleep sitting up? I have 10 pillows as it is now....and can only manage about 2.5 hours doubling my meds and adding benedryl for the itching side effect... 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Well it would help to know what you r on now. Have the PT do manual massage on areas that bother you at night. Some trigger point stuff. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Got the manual massage yesterday.

Oxycodone....benedryl for the itching.

Last night I took two 2 hours apart and added Tramadol and slept in a lounge chair. Very little sleep but my arm felt a little better. But it's back to killing me again this morning. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

If you are itching, you're allergic to the pain meds.

Why are you trying to sleep sitting up? 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Itching is a side effect not an allergic reaction. Ask for percocets. Or something in the cet family. Besides your herioin like pain meds, thats about all you are gonna get. Maybe try tylenol 3. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Oxycodone IS Percocet.

Vicky, you shouldn't be in that much pain 4 weeks post op.

Have you called the ortho? 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I agree Deb... They said the pain would increase with the use of the arm... It hurts most after typing at work.

My bicep locks up and has a giant knot in it and my pectoral muscle kills me.

I called the triage line and they never call back. I called the on call doc last night and they changed me to vicodin (sigh) and a different muscle relaxer since I have taken a 100 or more motrin.

sleeping sitting up (as in a recliner which I do not have) keeps you from straining the shoulder over your body laying on one side or sleeping on it on the other side. Let alone I can't lay on my back and put my shoulder down. The pain is worse than labor....

I just need to give up the ghost and realize I can't clean, do laundry and need to stay asleep. Sigh...

I will call Dr. Bradley again on Monday (actually will be in the therapy office next door to him tomorrow morning). Maybe he will see me.

Never felt so helpless as I did last night with no way to get meds from New Bern.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming... sigh...

thanks ladies. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

If you are taking a muscle relaxer, in addition to the pain med, you should not be doing much of anything with the arm.

You will never feel it if you over do it.

And, definitely DO NOT take Benadryl while on pain meds & muscle relaxers, you can stop breathing... 

MrsSmitty10 --- 5 years ago -

Ugh. Sleeping sitting up is a PIA. I had my rib cage realigned when I was a kid and wasn't permitted to sleep laying down (felt like an elephant sitting on my chest). I had to sleep sitting on a couch, put 4-5 pillows on my lap, and rest my head forward on them. For 6 months. It was absolutely awful. I have terrible posture because of it too. it's so difficult to feel rested after any operation. I hope you can get the meds adjusted so you can work on resting and recovery!! 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Deb one is different than the other. One has acetaminophen in it. I think percocet has that and oxycodone does not. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Pain can and should present itself up to 12 weeks post op. Anythin after that doctors should be concerned. I know. I worked in pain management for over a year. Best worst job I ever had.
Vicky, use a hear pad as often as possible. PT will increase pain. Make them make you ride the bike or something to get cardio up to release endorphins before isolated excerises for your shoulder.
I would recommend laying in the bed and prop both sides of the body with pillows to decrease moving around and on that arm at night. Use a very flat pillow or roll up a towel to put under your neck. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Got vicodin and carisoprodol....

Itching is gone but replaced by vomiting.... Dang.... can't win for losing...

Slept A LOT today.

The other night when I panicked in pain, I took so many meds it was a struggle to breathe.....

I think mental stressors are adding to the issues...

I keep thinking of my dad and how he got over open heart surgery and why am I whining about a shoulder pain....

Then he survived gastric bypass and I am a crybaby.... 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Some people handle pain better than others. 10 years ago i was like a dude, nothing hurt me, not even natural labor. Now i was like, hook me up with an epi asap!

Did u try sleeping on your bed. Surround your body with body pillows so you dont roll. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Call up Yoga for You in MHC (if they r still open) and see about their infrared sauna. That may help once or twice a week. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Make sure you eat something before taking the vicodin.

Even if it's just a slice of bread. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

LMK...why take food with it?

I love pain meds. I saw ALL types of addictions while working in pain meds. Oh, the stories! My girlfriend's story tops them all! Lol Guy on Medicaid and Disability from work comp goes to make his $5 payment and he drops his bag of rock in an old sandwich bag on the floor. Guy behind him picks it up off the floor and hands him his bag and says, "sir, you seemed to have dropped your crack rock." Both dudes stare at each other, he pays and leaves and the guy ehind him checked out like nothing had happened.

If I had to guess, half of New Bern, Havelock, and MHC is on drugs one way or the other. Oh, and HIV Positive and Herpes. I only felt bad for the old and living in pain, and soldiers with injuries from war or PTSD.

Vicky, I would ask him if it is okay if you stopped taking everything, gave you sleeping pills and waited a week before starting up PT. I would also see if they would give you a frw Chiro appts under a specific code your doctor can bill. A manual code. PTs code under about the same codes. Chiro will help loosen and straighten the spine at normal curvatures. Something that has been under distress since you had surgery. ; ) 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Oh, and a massage cause that **** cures everything! Lol 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I am looking into the massage boom! The PT and the assistant do cocoa butter massages on my arm now when I go in...

This pain is miserable because I know that the pain meds only make me sick...

I am tired of being tired....

I really appreciate you two talking to me about it. It helps me vent and deal with it. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

LMK...why take food with it?

That stuff can tear your stomach up if taken without food. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Like how? Ive never heard of havin to eat to take narcoics. Its digested through small intestine, not stomach. Stomach breaks the pills down for digestion. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Id be more worried about liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

How to use Vicodin:

Use Vicodin as directed by your doctor.
Check the label on the medicine for exact dosing instructions.
•Take Vicodin by mouth with or without food.
If stomach upset occurs, take with food to reduce stomach irritation.

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

That is for a symptom of something else, not the narcotics... First one for me, and no doctor or pharmacist ive met says its better with food. Juices in the stomach should be in balance to break those pills down. They arent in a capsule and most of them except the patch are time released. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Arent time released 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

No, pain killers can cause stomach upset and if they do, it's recommended to take with food. 

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