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local Vets???? Need help......

who's talking here?

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Sakura --- 10 years ago -

Candace has told us about a great vet in Wilmington but wanted to check locally as well and compare cost. So I guess the Havelock,New Bern, or Morehead areas.......will consider Jacksonville as well. So names and numbers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

Nothing original --- 10 years ago -

hey girl I would try calling the base vet tomorrow as well. They book up fast but they did tell me they did it. 

jessica --- 10 years ago -

I take my cat to Havelock Animal Hospital on Miller Blvd. They are great and extremely nice i would really commend them. 

Alheli --- 10 years ago -

what are you trying to get done? base vet is booked for a lot of things all the time.. unless its something simple like shots or something 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 10 years ago -

I highly recommend Dr Jeff Ward. 70 West Vet Hospital. Been going to him for 8 years. 

~Big Trucks Girl~ --- 10 years ago -

Newport Animal Clinic. cheaper and way better with our dogs than havelock was. if you want the number let me know and I'll look it up for ya 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

Havelock Animal Hospital 252-447-7119 I have worked there for almost 5 years now. There are 3 doctors and lots of techs. You can generally get an appointment within a few days, and we are really good about "working in" patients who are sick and don't have appointments. Find a place that suits your needs. I wish more places around here had websites, but they don't. :( 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

One of our clients today said she came to us because the base was booked for 4 weeks! Also, they don't generally do surgery there. 

ANGELINA --- 10 years ago -

Newport Animal Clinic 295 Howard Blvd. Newport NC 28570 252-223-5115 On thur they also have clinic nights where there is no vet visit fee and shots are discounted (rabies, 5 way 7 way) 

Sakura --- 10 years ago -

I obviously know NOTHING about having a dog and we don't want someone to realize that and take advantage. We have decided on getting him fixed yet or not. If we can get the Xtremely LOUD SNORING problem to go away then that would be even better at this point. 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

definitely have him neutered. Neutered pets make much better pets. no urge to run away, no agressive tendencies, no marking in your house, etc etc. Although intact male dogs do not always display these traits, they could potentially. Why risk it? For what it's worth, I believe in spaying and neutering so much that I have had pet rats spayed in the past and I am already planning on having my new pet rabbit neutered so he doesn't mark, or get aggressive. 

Jacqueline --- 10 years ago -

There is one of the best at the base Vets..Her name is Dr. Boe (spelling). She was with my vet here in Morehead and had a chance for the base. Sorry we lost her cause she is very good and loves animals. 

Carrie --- 10 years ago -

We take our Cat to the vet on base. They are very good. 

☆Mashley1219☆ --- 10 years ago -

I would get the puppy fixed in less you plan on breading he it dose not hurt or bother them. As for the Xtremely LOUD SNORING problem i dont think they can fix that in less it a health proble.Sorry. I take my puppy to the vet on base when i can get him in there and if not i take him to the vet that is pasted kfc and rigth be for 9 mile they are really nice there and they are quick to get you in there. 

beachbabe --- 10 years ago -

havelock animal hospital is good 

Life is Great! --- 10 years ago -

I would recommend Dr. Paul at the vet by 9 mile road (not sure what it's called). My parents have taken their dogs there for years and that's where I take my dog. I like it. 

Nicole! --- 10 years ago -

i would not recommend havelock animal hospital. I had a horrible experience there .The vet just acted like he didnt care. andd the billing is ridiculous. Sometimes they charge you for an office visit and sometimes they dont i doesnt m atter if you were there for only 5 mins they tack on a 20 min office visit. Its not very consistent. annddd the girls there are rude. one of the girls acted like it was such a big deal to show me some ear cleaners! I take a dog on base now and they are really nice! 

♥Jacki♥ --- 10 years ago -

annddd the girls there are rude. one of the girls acted like it was such a big deal to show me some ear cleaners! dang betzy works there so youll be hearing from her soon im sure. lmao p.s. for the record...ive never had anyone be rude to me there 

Annie --- 10 years ago -

i have worked at havelock and pet docks and now working at the emergency pet hospital. both of my parents are vets and although things are done very differently down here then from michigan, from inside experiences i would recommend pet docks. they are more expensive, but they give extensive care even to routine surgeries done there. havelock is also good if you want to stay more local. good luck! 

Annie --- 10 years ago -

Also, if you go to havelock i would recommend Dr. Tapley! he is very good with clients and patients as well! 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

one of the girls acted like it was such a big deal to show me some ear cleaners! Hmmm, that was probably me. I tend to make a big deal of taking care of your pets. I'm not generally rude though, even if someone is rude to me first. Good Luck with your future pet care. I honestly hope you find a vet that works well for you. 

Annie --- 10 years ago -

Betzy i love you! you are very good at what you do and i love that you love to make a big deal out of pet care! it is so very important and sometimes people dont realize all of the things it takes to care for a pet : ) 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

AWW, Thanks Annie! You are so right. Its really unfortunate. I miss my Texas vet and Colorado vet so much. In Texas we did a ton of exotics and wildlife and birds, High cost clinic because of that, so we had a lot of clients who were really good with compliance because of how much they paid and how much we cared. And in Colorado I worked for a specialty clinic. I miss all the high tech stuff. :( 

FEH88 --- 10 years ago -

I know there's a really good vet in greenville, heard from a friend. She said it's extremly cheaper then places around here. 

trtlegrrl --- 10 years ago -

righhhhtttt...go to greenville for cheap vet care. hmmm. doesnt' make sense to me. so you are going to spend 2 to 3 hours travel time for a few dollars off your exam at a regular vet? no way. however, There is a discount spay/neuter program up there, but I wouldn't recommend going to greenville for regular care. There are too many good vets in the area. Havelock animal hosp, 70 West Base vet Pet docks etc etc etc. Cheaper isn't always better for some people. I'll pay out the wazoo to feel confident that my pets are taken care of properly by people who care about them. 

Sakura --- 10 years ago -

I would get the puppy fixed in less you plan on breading He isn't a puppy....he will be 6 the end of May and he doesn't hump on anything or anyone nor does he potty inside. He is an awesome dog and we feel very blessed to have him. We aren't really sure if we are going to get him fixed but just wanted a good place for the basics......he is up to date on everything until August of next year..... 

Kristin --- 10 years ago -

Julie...I use Petdocs and I LOVE it there. I hated the Havelock Vet off of 9mile. They were so rude to me there. It was the first one we went to when we moved here 4 years ago and I finally switched to Petdocs. Its in Morehead on 70. 

Karnagia --- 10 years ago -

I've always gone to Havelock Animal Hospital for the little things and the big. Last year my German Shepherd jumped through a window and cut herself up BAD. I brought her up there in a panic (without calling first) and as soon as I walked through the door they knew something was wrong. They went to my car, got my dog, and took her back immediately. Like Betzy, I'd pay a limb to know my kids are well taken care of. HAH IS reasonably priced, their staff is knowledgeable, and they work with you on payments. 

Kaci --- 10 years ago -

pet care is just like buying/ paying for anything else. including childcare... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! i use havelock animal hospital, love it. 

Sherry --- 10 years ago -

I've been going to Havelock Animal Hospital for many, many years. I "believe" that all of the vets work part-time...which means they are never stressed out...they spend a lot of time with each and every patient. If you call with a minor emergency, they will often tell you what needs to be done in order to save you time and $$$. I have gone in there on emergency basis neighbors dog (black) was left outside for hours (he was a house dog) during the heat of the summer and suffered from heat stroke. They were not able to save his life, his temp was 106 when I got there but they were fabulous! If anyone here has had a bad experience, I suggest that there may have been some mis-comunication of some type...and you should try again...There prices are less than the other vets as well...except for on base...hard to get an appointment and you cannot bring children with you. Good luck! 

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