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Texas gal --- 9 years ago -

I just wanted to update you with what has been going on since I was last on here. I have had 3 surgrey's since i've been on here. I had my son may 28th and june 1st i had a large blood clot,cellulitis, and Necrotizing fasciitis so i had to have emergency sugrey,and than had to have another surgrey because the doctor stapled me up and was'nt suppose to so because of that it caused a pocket full of infection an fluid so on july 31 i got readmitted for emergency surgery and now i have a open wound so it can drain an heal from the inside out. now i have nurses coming out daily to change my bandage and pack my wound on top of it all now i have a infection all over again seems like i can't even catch a break :*( I have'nt even gotten to enjoy my son since my son was born. 

RMof2 (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

oh no.. so sorry! 

MusicNote (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

That's horrible :( 

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