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who's talking here?

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MusicNote (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I need you :(

If a state of emergency has been declared, can the employer make the employees come to work? If no, there obviously can be no reprecussions either then right?

*I googled but can't find anything for Georgia. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

It depends. I'll need to do a little more research and get back to you. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Did you move? 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Two questions:

1) Is the employee considered essential?
2) What is the employer's policy with regard to inclement weather and/or calling out? 

MusicNote (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I live in atl. The employees are not essential, we work in the private sector. I can find no sop on inclement weather although the conditions here are still horrid in lots of areas. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

There shouldn't be any repercussions, but if the employer wants to piss of their entire workforce, I guess they could make an example.

Employer doesn't have to pay hourly employees, unless they choose to request for personal/vacation pay for their time off.

Employer can also request salaried employees use their personal/vacation time for their days off as well.

Since there is a state of emergency and the government is requesting everyone to stay off the roads, it is unreasonable for an employer to expect employees to show up. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Also, if the place of employment is open, employees should call out and not just let the employer assume they won't be there. That could be grounds for dismissal. 

MusicNote (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Thanks. :) I made the drive in through metro Atlanta and since the roads were ok, I told my people to come in, as long as it was reasonable. They all showed up! My boss didn't give anyone the option but I told him I wouldn't risk my safety or that of my people. He was good to go after that 

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