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who's talking here?

Vicky 1
Little Miss Knowitall 7
Ja Ja Jacky 23
Jersey Girl 19
Boobsy McNicehiney 1
Fulu McVooDoo 3
Krystal in NC 5
MusicNote 1
RMof2 12
dmc21 2
Funnies 1
Maleficent 8
SheIsAtItAgain 3

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Krystal in NC --- 5 years ago -

So she can't post. I'm her friend, but I'm also tired of her focusing so much on these boards. Call it a time out for her own good. I'm sure I can expect the same in 2 days.

lol that's actually really funny! She's gonna be mad at you for that one 

Krystal in NC --- 5 years ago -

wow I was put in the ice box 2 times lmao Talk over use of mod powers! Losers! 

Jersey Girl --- 5 years ago -

When you click the obliterate link over there, it ONLY obliterates the account you have THERE. No account, no obliteration.

RM, BOOM obliterated her account there.

And BOOM, you're confusing me and Jacky. I did this because of what she did to me, not because of any of the drama here. Jacky had nothing to do with it. 

RMof2 (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

She threatened to delete you before she put you in the ice box Krystal. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Notice how Krystal is only on here when Sharon is brought up. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

I'm not mad at you jersey. 

Krystal in NC --- 5 years ago -

Notice how Krystal is only on here when Sharon is brought up.

I'm on here all the time. I only post in threads that are interesting. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

So you find Sharon interesting... 

MusicNote (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

So...,..hey all!

Idk what's hoing but wanted to say...hey. 

Jersey Girl --- 5 years ago -

Huh!! You posted hoing! Bad MN. 

Boobsy McNicehiney --- 5 years ago -

You realize she probably loves this thread right? Ignore the trill, don't make threads about it. 4 whole pages all about her. I am sure she is delighted with the attention 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 5 years ago -

Exactly my point Boobsy. 

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