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Trying to find a house to rent. - 6 years ago

Hi, I know there are previous posts about this, and I have checked out both I also know town and country are a no no company, and were currently checking...

Open Letter, Saturday June 2nd Edition - 6 years ago

Dear California, Thank you for a much needed vacation! I LOVE seeing my family, and I LOVE seeing my old neighbor aka my bestie! Two weeks here will go by fast :( but I'm going to enjoy every momen...

pick up your news papers/ phone books - 7 years ago

Is it sad that even after reading this, I still stare at the phone book by my garage... The placed it right where I park, so easy to pick up, but I choose to walk around the other side. But hey, at e...

The Lucky One!! - 7 years ago

Eh, I thought he was creepy. And the movie was just drawn out and predictable. I'm glad I saw it on base for free and didn't spend the money. But hey, to each their own.

Tupperware consultants? - 7 years ago

Anyone know any fun and entertaining Tupperware consultants with base access? Thanks in advance!

Can you believe this? - 7 years ago

[i]i also dont think a Sgt in base housing should forfeit all of his BAH when a PFC pays less for the same house there should be a set rate for everyone not per rank. [/i] This! This is the reason ...

Babysitter!! - 7 years ago

I use to babysit when I was a teenager. I actually don't like leaving my kids with adults that have kids of their own. Obviously everyone has different opinions, but I would prefer a teenager willin...

Party supply? - 7 years ago

The party store is in te shopping center where king buffet is next to Walmart.

Help...Colic cures in infants?? - 7 years ago

Place the baby in their car seat and on top of the dryer while it's on. Also go for a drive. These are the things the nurse told me, and they worked for us. Good luck!

Chocolate fountain rental? - 7 years ago

Does anyone know where i can rent a chocolate fountain or purchase a fairly cheap one? I saw the one in Walmart, and Might get that If theres no where else. TIA!

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