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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-17, 7 years ago.

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Attention Enlisted Spouses - 4 years ago

bwahahaha.. the part that made me laugh was the "We have earned it." That was a dead troll giveaway .. trying to get a bunch of enlisted wives fuming. How's it going Zim?

Who are the "lurkers" - 4 years ago


Heyyy - 5 years ago

Yay.. You just made my life complete Jacky!

Heyyy - 5 years ago

I love Jacky.. Hey girl! Get your butt up here! As soon as the "stay" is up.. we can get married in Michigan! ;-)

Heyyy - 5 years ago

mmhmmm... sure you are.

Heyyy - 5 years ago


Heyyy - 5 years ago


How has everyone doing? - 5 years ago

Those other two drivers could get part-time jobs and pay for their own insurance or you pay their insurance but then don't pay for their wants... they can use job money to pay for any extras.

Rant - 5 years ago

I deleted over 150 people from my facebook page and most of them were family members. I think I only have maybe 5 people left on my facebook that are blood related to me. I feel so much better now. ...

advise!!! - 5 years ago

Well.. it was obviously something you THOUGHT you wanted when you paid the $20 for it initially.. sounds to me like you regretted buying it. I know the feeling, however you don't have that luxury whe...

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