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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-20, 14 years ago.

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I am so sick OF...... - 13 years ago

People driving in the fast lane under the speed limit. If you cant go fast stay out of the lane. AND if you have to be in the fast lane and need to go a slower speed DONT drive right beside a slow ca...

Stupid home remedies that work - 13 years ago

Ingrown Toenail cut a v in the nail.

Who has a 9 or 10 yr old son.... - 13 years ago

I have a 9yr old, a 7yr old and a 6 yr old...... but the last one is a girl.

HI all Im back - 13 years ago

Thanks all! Good to be back.

Game!- Thanks Betzy! - 13 years ago

Dear Jesus, I always want my choices to be in keeping with the examples set by you. Funny thing is the first time I have looked at this book. It came in a box from my mom, and its the ONLY book in...

OMG ALLTEL/VERIZON - 13 years ago

I looked at mine and its right. good luck getting it fixed.

HI all Im back - 13 years ago

It was a nice trip to TX and back. Kids start school this week!!!! If any one needs photos or has any photo questions you can PM any time. I will get back with you ASAP.

OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!! - 13 years ago

Yes, birthday cake is soooo good!

To the lurkers and anyone else who is confused - 13 years ago

WOW this is getting bad!!

CB Group Model & Talent Agency - 13 years ago This was on the news, so I guess there legit.

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