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CB Group Model & Talent Agency

who's talking here?

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trentonsmom2005 --- 13 years ago -

Has anyone went through these guys? are they legit? Anyone heard anything? 

Melissa's Pro Photos --- 13 years ago -

nope but where are they out of? 

Melissa's Pro Photos --- 13 years ago - This was on the news, so I guess there legit. 

trentonsmom2005 --- 13 years ago -

hmm im gonna check them out! 

~Big Trucks Girl~ --- 13 years ago -

I'm gunna check them out! LOL everyone tells me I need to get my baby in with gerber, fisher price, etc etc everything I've done is scam?! 

susimaru --- 8 years ago -

Has anyone went through these guys? are they legit? Anyone heard anything?

HI i haven't heard about agency which you mentioned here so i dont know that whether it is legit or reliable or not ...Then here i guide you with some tips to check that whether the site which you found online is legit or spam one .They are ..1.Call, write, or email the website using the contact information provided on their website to check for legitimacy. 2.Visit the Whois website like to do whois search for the official website of that agency "" website to verify if the information provided matches up with the information on the company's website 3.Look at content and photos on the website to make sure they are original and related to the company's products and services. 4.Look at the website address in the address bar of your Internet browser to verify that the website or links you have clicked on did not redirect you elsewhere. 5.Read through the website's terms and conditions before doing business with them to check for understanding and to verify the terms and conditions make sense. 6.Verify that the website's checkout or payment page is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured to protect your credit card number and other personal information you enter. 7.Type the company's name into a major search engine to see if they appear in search results and to see if they are mentioned anywhere else on the Internet. If all the above details provide satisfied results for you then proceed.Else dont waste your time and money with them better keep them away. 

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