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I joined this crazy place on 2012-05-09, 11 years ago.

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Housing Questions.... - 9 years ago

We love year round, you don't have to always wait for summer to travel.

Ps4 - 9 years ago

Try amazon yet?

Need some ideas - 10 years ago

Look how I butchered the English language in this thread. Good job me.

Need some ideas - 10 years ago

Depends on the thermos. We just bought our kids a thermos each for school and tested it out with ramen noodels at 6am, and it was almost too hot to eat still at around 11:30.

Need some ideas - 10 years ago

buy a mini thermos and take ramen, soup, chef boyarde, stuff like that.

Open Letter? - 10 years ago

Good thread. I was thoroughly entertained. Ice-cream.

Football season is getting close - 10 years ago

Only flags allowed to be flown are American and Service flags from what I understand. I'm not going to follow that rule one bit, but it's the rule. My thinking is, what's the worst they can do?...

Football season is getting close - 10 years ago

Got my 8ft gameday flag in the mail today. Got my yearly jersey a couple weeks ago. On a side note, if I get reported for flying my flag one day a week by some neighbor Nazi, it will not change my ...

Football season is getting close - 10 years ago

Training camps opening up all over. Pretty exciting

New Lady - Moving in September - 10 years ago

I would highly, highly recommend renting a place off base. We currently live in Grant's Landing and the house we're getting for the amount of BAH we are paying to Atlantic Marine Corps Communities ...

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