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does anyone know any good work at home jobs.?

who's talking here?

*AmbieBambie* 2
WooTang 2
countrygrl 1
LoViN*LiFe 3
Texas gal 2
susimaru 1

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Texas gal --- 12 years ago -

i have a child and i think that would work out great. 

WooTang (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Most of the non-scamming work at home programs are customer service jobs that require complete silence when working, which is why I quit mine right before my daughter was born, since I knew there would always be background noise. But I would try Alpine Access. They are 100% legit. 

LoViN*LiFe --- 12 years ago -

What did you do MrsWoo22 as a work at home job? I've been looking around. 

WooTang (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

I was a customer service rep for the gap, old navy, and banana republic credit cards. Basically, I answered questions about the accts, took payments, and gave extensions. It was a little stressful, not going to lie, bec most calls I got were angry customers or those that couldnt pay. But it was great when I was big and preggers and didnt have to drive to work. I laid in bed and sat on my lap top and worked =) 

Texas gal --- 12 years ago -

thank you for the site i'm checking it out now 

LoViN*LiFe --- 12 years ago -

Lol thats cool. I am looking for something like that. We have a 3 yr old but doesn't get that loud. I want just something to do and earn a little extra money. I want at home b/c we don't want our daughter in daycare. How did you get that job? 

*AmbieBambie* --- 12 years ago -

I need something like that. especially with 3 kids. daycare is expensive... 

LoViN*LiFe --- 12 years ago -

daycare is expensive.

Yes. I just don't feel comfortable putting our daughter in daycare. And there are ALOT of wives around here who sell avon, scensty,gold canyon, etc. so... 

*AmbieBambie* --- 12 years ago -

yea, there is nothing left to sell, lol! I gave up on selling gold canyon because there are like 15 other people just on this site who sell it, 

countrygrl --- 12 years ago -

There's always Pampered Chief, Tastefully Simple, Miche Bags to sell. 

susimaru --- 8 years ago -

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Online Marketing
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