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Property Management

who's talking here?

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Iluvcali --- 6 years ago -

Does anyone know a good property managers in town? We will be moving out of state and are considering renting our house out, not sure which company is the best. Or does anyone have experience getting by without a property manager? Thanks 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 6 years ago -

All the PM's suck.

Unless you have someone local to check on the home or respond to emergencies, you need a property manager.

Unfortunately, none that I know of, actually do what you would expect of them.


hookerfamily --- 6 years ago -

Call or e-mail some of the offices here and ask to speak with one of the broker's and just see who you feel the most comfortable with.

Since you are moving so far away you definitely want a PM to represent you. 

Penelope --- 6 years ago -

I agree, Miss Knowitall. I'm out over 45,000.00 from damages to property handled by PM who left me hanging. I have nothing good to say about them anymore. What a waste of money. If you get a great renter, you're okay, but otherwise, you have to use someone. And they don't do what they should-just collect and stick anyone in so they collect their check. 

cerises --- 6 years ago -

Management Services, Ruth Ann Coblentz. (252) 447-0865 

~*MarLa Singer*~ --- 6 years ago -

Our property manager is Ruth Ann Sluss. Our house hasn't been up for rent for very long, tho. She's shown it to quite a few people but her application, credit and background checks are very thorough, unforunately no one yet has qualified. She's turned away probably five or six applicants because of credit issues/evictions so far.
She also goes by weekly to check on the premises (visual of the outside) and monthly on the inside. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 6 years ago -

She also goes by weekly to check on the premises (visual of the outside) and monthly on the inside.


I don't want to worry you, but do you know for sure she does these things?
(Not saying she doesn't, but other property management companies claim the same service and DON'T do it...) 

~*MarLa Singer*~ --- 6 years ago -

Haha yes Deb, only becaused Ruby has me on speed dial. Anyone steps foot near the place and I know about it. 

Double O 7 --- 6 years ago -

She also goes by weekly to check on the premises (visual of the outside) and monthly on the inside.

Wow she is very devoted! I can not say as a renter I'd like someone in my home on a monthly basis though...eek I've always done 6 month inside checks and it has worked well. Has she done this her whole PM career?

I hope you find someone soon if you haven't so far. Do you by chance have 4 bedrooms a Master Suite and a decent yard? We are looking for a 1 year rental until our tenants are out of our home. 

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