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hair growth

who's talking here?

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Texas gal --- 10 years ago -

I have been so sick lately an my hair has stopped growing it has'nt grown any in the past year. I was wondering if ya'll know of any thing to make your hair grow vitamin pills shampoo etc. Thank you so much for your input. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 10 years ago -

May possibly be hormone related. Have you had a child? Are you pregnant? Have you chamged your diet? Increased stress? Has your mother had the same thing?

A dematologist should be able to find the cause by blood work i belive. 

Maleficent --- 10 years ago -

Prenatal vitamins seem popular. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 10 years ago -

She posted she recently had a baby and then some complications. Could be from anesthesia and the associated recovery from the complications. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 10 years ago -

Yea. Probably from being a new mom. My hair fell out. Clumps of hair in my hands as I washed. Kinda nice though since its summer. Lol its slowlu getting better. Most likely hormones and stress and less of a full beneficial diet. 

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