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I joined this crazy place on 2010-12-21, 12 years ago.


You can wish on one hand and crap in another. Then see which one fills up faster...

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Open Letter - 7 years ago

What the F are all yall dependas doing these days?

HELP! PCS'n to cherry point need lots of info - 7 years ago

Nugent Cove is awesome! They have a fabulous assortment of esbestos, pissed stained floors, and flooding/mold issues. All schools are good in Havelock. Especially Havelock High. And if your ki...

Property Management Rant *names redacted* - 8 years ago

Lord I haven't been here for a loooooong time! Wow it is D.E.A.D.

HHS Band Cards Coming Soon and there MIGHT be TWO! - 9 years ago

Same ol' businesses.

Can Anyone Clarify - 9 years ago

Cause that chit is funny.

Who are the "lurkers" - 9 years ago


Attention Enlisted Spouses - 9 years ago

Lord that one is hilarious! Just to answer trolls post.... Most enlisted make much more than your husband. Mine made a lot more than yours at an E5s salary. Lol too funny. Who thinks like tha...

HHS Band Cards Coming Soon and there MIGHT be TWO! - 9 years ago

Your mama! ; )~

Cross Country Question - 9 years ago

Lock your family in a POD with your stuff. Much cheaper.

Heyyy - 9 years ago

Jacky loves me...

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