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Property Management Rant *names redacted*

who's talking here?

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Vicky (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Venting here to vent because not that many will see it.....

Those who plan to use a rental agency to rent their property, make sure they are diligent with your property. Some just sit and collect money and create situations where it would be cheaper to burn down your house than try to repair and clean up what they allow tenants to do to it........ No names will be posted to protect the innocent or publically shame the guilty. But suing for false advertising because you use old pictures of how you left the house with them vice the current pictures of the flea ridden, pet stained, overgrown, broken window, toilet in the front yard current condition of your house is stupid. Especially if it's the property manager that wants to sue you for false advertising because they won't clean up the mess and get your property rented. 

hookerfamily --- 7 years ago -

I feel your pain. We still own our house in another state and I worry all the time. Also, when we moved here I worked at a property management office and I was appalled at how the owner of the office disregarded the best interest of the property for her to make a profit. 

Shannon --- 7 years ago -

Uuugh, this scares me so much for when it comes time for us to rent or sell. I hope everything goes better and the property managers clean up their act. And your house. :( 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 7 years ago -

Lord I haven't been here for a loooooong time! Wow it is D.E.A.D. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Hi Boom! 

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