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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-11, 10 years ago.

» save Shannon as my FRIEND - HOSER

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Open Letter - 3 years ago

I miss this place. Facebook groups just aren't the same. :P

Property Management Rant *names redacted* - 4 years ago

Uuugh, this scares me so much for when it comes time for us to rent or sell. I hope everything goes better and the property managers clean up their act. And your house. :(

Who are the "lurkers" - 4 years ago

I lurk when I remember. Hi Vicky!

Attention Enlisted Spouses - 5 years ago

This isn't a good place to make a profile and troll. Nobody comes here anymore. Good try, though!

Torn Rotator Cuff - 5 years ago

I good, was just wondering how the shoulder was going. Hope it heals quickly!!

Torn Rotator Cuff - 5 years ago

How is it going, Vicky?

pregnancy - 5 years ago

Wow. Yeah, he sounds like a jerk. Lose the boyfriend.

Nerium AD - 5 years ago

I bet this is going to be deleted~

Dog help! - 5 years ago

The one I have has a hand held remote, that way it isn't just going off by itself. Sounds like that bark collar had a mind of its own! Geez!

Dog help! - 5 years ago

Different breed, different situation, but may work. My Aussie sometimes gets so focused on herding the horses, he completely ignores me. I got him a shock collar just to snap him out of it, and it w...

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