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Can Anyone Clarify

who's talking here?

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LadyBugs --- 4 years ago -

Why do people care so much about what everyone else is doing with their lives? I don't think I'll ever understand the type of person who needs to control everyone around them. Who the Hell cares what shirt you want to wear? If it says Marine Wife on it, everyone gets angry, but if it says Dependa on it, (a word I had never heard before 2011, and one that I assume was made up by a terminally single man) People would laugh and think, oh how funny. Why is it that in these military communities, where we rely so much upon one another, we subject ourselves, as well as one another, to an endless barrage of negativity? 

TheAwesomePhotographer --- 4 years ago -

I dont get it myself.. honestly. 

RMof2 (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

Boredom and personal insecurities. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 4 years ago -

Cause that chit is funny. 

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