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HELP! PCS'n to cherry point need lots of info

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New to CP NC 3

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New to CP NC --- 6 years ago -

Ok so my husband received his orders for cherry point nc which is fine I'd rather much have cp then Hawaii or Japan anyway we are both born and raised on Southern California (Orange County) and have been really really fortunate to be stationed at camp p and MCRD since he joined (12 yrs ago) OK SO HERE IS WHERE I NEED HELP/ADVISE we own a home here so we decided to live on base over there because of BAH not being worth it and also because if there is a hurricane lol I think I would feel better on base. I have a 12 yr old boy he's in middle school I have a 5 yr old son in kindergarten and a 6mo baby girl ok here are my questions ladies
1. What neighborhood on base is the best one to live at perferably single family and a garage ( I don't mind older homes vs new homes as long as there habitabal I defy need a 4 bedroom)
2. SCHOOLS?? For my 12 yr old I was looking at tucker creek middle school or the Catholic private school for my 5 yr old I have nooo idea he's currently in speech therapy at school and privately I would like a school that has a good rep with teacher and parent interaction
3 pediatricians??? We have standard Do you guys suggest my husband and I take a trip over there before the move to get housing and the kids enrolled? My husband has to check in no later then 5/1/2016 please ladies any suggestions will be tremendously appreciated I'm so nervous about this move ANY ADVISE/INFO will be greatly appreciated 

New to CP NC --- 6 years ago -


New to CP NC --- 6 years ago -


BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 6 years ago -

Nugent Cove is awesome! They have a fabulous assortment of esbestos, pissed stained floors, and flooding/mold issues.

All schools are good in Havelock. Especially Havelock High. And if your kids dont get a quality education there they can always apply at one of the two strip clubs located across the street.


hookerfamily --- 6 years ago -

Hi, welcome! As you can tell, not many people get on this blog anymore. My family has been here for 5 1/2 years, it is a big adjustment from CA, so be prepared. We are DOD, not active, so I am not much help with the base questions. The school district is Craven County and they just went through a huge redistricting, so make sure you are looking at the most current district maps. Our kids go to Gramercy Christian School, which is K - 12 in Newport. We really like that school, so if you don't think that the public schools here will work for you that is another option. The Catholic school in Havelock only goes up to 8th grade. 

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