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Possible move pros vs cons

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Patricks mommy --- 4 years ago -

Ladies I need the pros and cons of living in Cherry Point. We are now in San Diego and have never lived on the East Coast. Thanks! 

Vicky (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

Hello Patricks mommy. The underground took a large hit on activity and is not used very much these days.

There are facebook pages for each neighborhood I have seen. You may be able to join them as well. Atlantic Marine Corps Communities has a facebook page as well.

Good Luck with the move to the east coast.

I am not a dependent or in the military but have lived in Havelock most of my life.

Base housing has many pros and cons. Call and talk with the housing department.

If you prefer to live out in town there are many areas and lots of rentals to choose from.

The schools are pretty good in Havelock.

Gurganus Elementary
Tucker Creek Middle

are my favorite of the elementary and middle schools

There is only one high school
Havelock High School
senior class this year was 228 students.

Other elementary schools are:
Roger Bell
Havelock Elementary (uniforms)
Graham A Barden
Arthur Edwards (SNCO housing area accessible)

the other middle school is
Havelock Middle (uniforms) 

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