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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-02, 8 years ago.

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Housing Questions.... - 5 years ago

Depending on what we are looking for decides if we are going to Morehead City (MHC) or New Bern (NB). NB has Target, MHC does not. NB also has a VERY SMALL mall. MHC has a shopping plaza with Belk,...

J&J Texas BBQ - 6 years ago

We didn't think it was a very good sign either. 5 other cars pulled in the lot while we read the sign and left, that was a lot of new business they missed out on...

J&J Texas BBQ - 6 years ago

Was going to try this new place to eat tonight, we got there right at 6 p.m. and there was a "we ran out of food" sign on the door... Has anyone ate there? Is it good?

Trinity Daycare - 6 years ago

I heard from a lady that heard from a lady.... so 3rd hand, that Trinity Daycare gave their families 30 day notices at the beginning of the month that they will be closing their doors... Is this true?...

professionals who can redye my carpet ? - 6 years ago

LMK is right, the best solution might be to "patch" even with a piece from the back of a closet. A carpet cleaning company that might be able to help is Rod at Tropical Carpet, call him and ask if he...

Missing James City Teenager.... - 6 years ago

Not sure of the details.... but what a horrible day.... IMPORTANT: This is my niece, Brittany Erin Taylor, she is missing. Craven County area. FRIENDS IN THE AREA, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR HER! ...

Property Management - 6 years ago

Call or e-mail some of the offices here and ask to speak with one of the broker's and just see who you feel the most comfortable with. Since you are moving so far away you definitely want a PM to r...

St. Christopher's question - 6 years ago

We attend there, there is not a nursery for the baby; however, there is a Sunday school classroom for the 2 year old.

Rental Agencies? - 6 years ago

Carolina Pines is Progress Energy. So you are safe there.

Rental Agencies? - 6 years ago

What is your price range that you are wanting to stay in? Do you have kids? What size house are you looking for?

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