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I joined this crazy place on 2010-12-31, 11 years ago.

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Hellow - 5 years ago

anyone out there still. This page seems to have died. Did yall move away

Hi - 8 years ago

seems like things here have slowed to a crawl. Just decided to lurk on in and check up on the news of the underground. haha

Dog help! - 9 years ago

Its a horrible form of "training". Its Illegal in Europe because they consider it a form of animal Cruelty

Dog help! - 9 years ago

Please dont use a shock collar on your pup. You can redirect him physically by simply turning him around and walking the other way until he settles then you can turn around again and and continue your...

Missing/Stolen Puppy alert.. - 9 years ago

Yes I am still here Alive and well..however this post is for my Friend in Swansboro. Her puppy went missing last night from her home. Any help in locating her would be appreciated [img]http://i769...

What ever happened to pickles? - 9 years ago

I am still alive..Super busy at work lately havent had a day off in 2 weeks. NO COMPLAINTS Here. lol. I am currently wanting something sweet and being on Pinterest is not helping me out lol

What ever happened to pickles? - 9 years ago

[i]She's enjoying life. So great to see her happy.[/i] Yes I am. Very busy at work these days. I love living in my own home now without the drama and stress. [i]Eh, who cares?[/i] Some people do...

Does anyone know.. - 9 years ago

[i]Costello's?[/i] thats it..thanks LMK [i]That's been closed for at least 5 years[/i] oh wow...yeah all i remember is it was open when Fort Macon housing was there. ( where i lived for a year) ...

Does anyone know.. - 9 years ago

im not sure if its for rent or sale but the little Italian restaurant that closed down year or so ago i think it was call Capriotti's its across from the city park next to the Hess station. might look...

Hey Y'all - 9 years ago

Hey Y'all.

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