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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-27, 12 years ago.

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*waves* I'm moving back. - 8 years ago

Do I need a fire extinguisher to put out any burning bridges? Joke! Does anyone know if Arthur Edwards has an uniform/ dress code now? I forgot to ask on the 19th when I called. Wikipedia (hah thr...

2014 mil pay - 9 years ago

Even if bah goes down you get to keep the higher rate from my understanding if you already live in the area. Ours went up almost $300 (would have been nice two years ago when we couldn't find any plac...

Black Friday - 9 years ago

I'd love to partake, but I'm really interested in the deeply discounted movies (that I'd eventually buy for full price one at a time) and board games to stack away for family board game night. Those a...

What is on your Thanksgiving menu? - 9 years ago

We are going to my husband's aunt, so most of the norms will already be accounted for. I'm going to bring broccoli casserole: chopped broccoli, cream of mushroom, mayo, cream cheese, top with cheese a...

Housing Questions.... - 9 years ago

I loved year round being able to travel at non peak time (fall) it was nice. Zero complaints and the base offered "camps" at the cherry treehouse during the breaks. If you worked or needed a day here ...

Housing Questions.... - 9 years ago

I think the back gate is 5am to 10pm or 11pm front gate round the clock. We lived in NCO housing binder oaks, and had no real issues or complaints. The new SNCO housing looked super nice. I can't ...

Housing Questions.... - 9 years ago

Nothing on the base is over a 10-12 (even in traffic) minute drive no matter where you live. The base is pretty small. The only thing that will slow you down is the speed limit if you live at the back...

WWYD? - 9 years ago

you know you can't just with hold rent. I mean by the end of her taking you to court, and the judge siding with you, it might all work out, but you're simply not allowed to take it into your own hands...

WWYD? - 9 years ago

Research putting your rent into escrow. I just copied a basic link, it just has info you'll probably need to look further for nc laws. [url=]link ti...

PODS - 9 years ago

We looked at pods with our last PCs. I loved the idea!

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