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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-27, 11 years ago.

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Havelock Food Pantry Needs help - 9 years ago

Random scenario game....the government breaks a world record and is closed for business until tax season will the IRS be working? :)

Havelock Food Pantry Needs help - 9 years ago

How did I anticipate there would be something gov shutdown related. Though I see so many ways people are Affected both big and small, I am still astounded by posts and "recruitment" for things like...

GI BILL spouse transfer - 9 years ago

Thank you soooo much!!! I guess I should have gotten a little farther down one of the pages for the full scoop. I do still wonder why three VA reps didn't know the answer. :)

GI BILL spouse transfer - 9 years ago

Posting this on pendleton too, but I've called the VA, and I'm not really getting a direct answer or even a round about answer. To me it seems straight forward of a question. My hubs is getting out...

fundraisers - 9 years ago

My friend is in charge of fundraising at her child's school, and I have to admit- they actually seem nifty! They even had a thing with one of yearly football college bowl games, where a large chun...

Bowling Center at CP - 9 years ago

What's the road that runs from MHC/ Newport areaish to me lejeune? There is a bowling on that road. I think its called Mac daddys (not sure if its farther than new berns) And jenkies that's a bumme...

Open Letter - 9 years ago

You know what I'm glad mine was recalled, hahaha it bought Emma a brand new crib in a color I actually liked. But actually right now I'm HATING the non drop side we had Ethan's crib as a sidecar, not ...

Open Letter? - 9 years ago

Food lions in Florida were so dirty. I miss them not...publix however is a favorite right behind super target (which by the way has a new line called simply balanced- I think 3/4th no GMOs and 50% of ...

Proceed to party, proceed to party. - 9 years ago

So, I'm having my very first " buy my sh*t party". Should have done this before when I lived at cherry point, so I'd have friends to invite, and so I could actually play Suzy homemaker with an apro...

West Carteret band is starting to ask for help. - 9 years ago

Which is why I think that if someone doesn't find this a worthy cause they are better suited to donate their money elsewhere. :) if I had only $20 to donate, I would do so to where my heart felt would...

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