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I joined this crazy place on 2011-11-25, 7 years ago.

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Job opening for an experienced pet bather - 5 years ago

I'm just wondering how much experience one needs to wash a dog?

Heyyy - 5 years ago


Heyyy - 5 years ago


2014 mil pay - 5 years ago

Our bah for post 911 is really awesome! I don't know if it gets the cola raise though. Hmm

Heyyy - 5 years ago

Heeeeeeeeey I DO remember when it didn't suck. Back in the old days when incognito was new and everyone hated her!

Deb - 5 years ago

Thanks. :) I made the drive in through metro Atlanta and since the roads were ok, I told my people to come in, as long as it was reasonable. They all showed up! My boss didn't give anyone the option ...

Deb - 5 years ago

I live in atl. The employees are not essential, we work in the private sector. I can find no sop on inclement weather although the conditions here are still horrid in lots of areas.

Deb - 5 years ago

I need you :( If a state of emergency has been declared, can the employer make the employees come to work? If no, there obviously can be no reprecussions either then right? *I googled but can'...

Shutdown vs Death Benefits - 5 years ago

the thing is that the house passed a bill back in June to ensure all military glut paid, veterans and retirees also. Harry Reid didn't approve it. but it's all the republicans fault, I forgot.

pregnancy - 5 years ago

WTF? Who are you to tell someone to have an abortion?! Not having a car is not a reason to make a decision that could impact the entire course of your life.

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