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I joined this crazy place on 2012-08-12, 7 years ago.

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cpys sellers never cease... - 5 years ago

to amaze me. I email inquiring about a lot of children's clothes. The ad didn't have pictures or a price. So, I ask for pictures, pricing, and overall condition of the clothes. Shortly I receive an em...

Found dog - 6 years ago

If you're in Havelock and missing a dog, give me some details and we'll see if they match up.

Prayer request - My Dad. - 6 years ago

Prayers for your dad.

People... - 6 years ago

Make me angry. Your dog is being dominate and marking? Is he neutered? Had any type of training, ever? Crate trained...

Hour Little Hangout - 6 years ago

I've taken both of my kids there during the day. But not for date night. They both loved the daytime care. It came highly recommended from several friends.

Oh Yippee! - 6 years ago

Woot woot! So much for my garage sale :/

According to the City of Havelock's facebook page.... - 6 years ago

[i]I wonder if he eats brains too?[/i] As a matter of fact, I do eat brains :)

According to the City of Havelock's facebook page.... - 6 years ago

[i] Her sign says "Young Mom. Need help." People have given her cash & disposable diapers, that I've seen[/i] She hangs out at the light at 9 foot rd in Newport frequently as well. I've seen her a...

Neighbor - 6 years ago

[i] You are about an idiot. [/i] Hahaha :) sure thing hon.

Neighbor - 6 years ago

[i]Weaksauce [/i] Yeah, he's one of those guys with a brain that does stuff on a computer all day.

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