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I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-22, 13 years ago.

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been married for 6 years. culinary school graduate. originally from OHIO. Fortunate Sahm to a chatty toddler. Love decorating cakes, baking, and cooking.

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Torn Rotator Cuff - 9 years ago

Ugh. Sleeping sitting up is a PIA. I had my rib cage realigned when I was a kid and wasn't permitted to sleep laying down (felt like an elephant sitting on my chest). I had to sleep sitting on a couch...

PODS - 9 years ago

It's genius for people who don't have an extra driver and want to pack their own belongings. I will let you know if we use that company

PODS - 9 years ago

Has anyone used PODS for storage or moving? Complaints? Praise? Would you recommend? Or a similar company you could recommend? We might be using them to move.

fundraisers - 10 years ago

What's lids 4 kids? How do they benefit from old cell phones and broken laptops? Are all these collected thru the entire school year?

Valerian root - 10 years ago

I agree! I'm great at remembering to take my meds because of my asthma so I'm not worried about that. Curious you say that it takes awhile to kick in. My friend that recommended it only takes the ...

Valerian root - 10 years ago

Thanks, boom. I had a feeling you would have some knowledge on this, being natural and all. We actually live just outside DC in southern maryland so thanks for offering. My one friend recommen...

Valerian root - 10 years ago

Anyone ever taken it? Most specifically for anxiety. How often did you take it? Did it help you at all? Will be talking to my doctors about it to see if I can even take it with the meds I'm on now...

Need some ideas - 10 years ago

What about wraps instead of sandwiches? You can buy different flavors and whole grain tortilla wraps to add in extra nutrition too. Salads? Taco salad, grilled chicken, etc. You can put hot do...

Open Letter? - 10 years ago

I always got mini gummy bears in my friendlys ice cream too. Ah, memories. Turkey hill, yum! I keep meaning to look it up but here in Maryland it has a "local" sign on all the turkey hill price ta...

Online courses? - 10 years ago

[i]I would not recommend Kaplan. [/i] why not? My sister in law has been attending kaplan for almost 2 years and loves it.

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