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I joined this crazy place on 2013-03-24, 6 years ago.

» save EL EM as my FRIEND - HOSER

Was prayer really listed as a way to find this place or am I somehow really drunk?

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pregnancy - 5 years ago

If he wants to have an abortion, let him. He can do what he wants with his body. ;) He sounds like a winner. Perfect specimen for an experimental medical procedure.

fundraisers - 5 years ago

I will, Vicky. They haven't sent out any more information yet, but I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something. Lids for kids is a program by the Red Cross Pharmacy. It's a token you get with you...

fundraisers - 5 years ago

The PTO here is selling trash bags(weird I know). The classrooms are collecting boxtops, Tyson chicken labels, Campbell's labels, Coke rewards points, cell phones, broken laptops, and Red Cross Pharma...

fundraisers - 5 years ago

Laynie's school has to get computers in each classroom because by next year they have to be able to have all of their students do their yearly testing online. Last year they did fundraisers for a smar...

fundraisers - 5 years ago

Went to a PTO meeting because I now have a Kindergartner. They told us that this was one of the fundraisers they were participating in and for us to please help spread the word. If you could vote via...

POLL: How often do you eat out? - 5 years ago

Once a week. How do you spend $100? Wowzers! Cracker Barrel costs us about $40 and that's all of us eating steaks

Really Bad Sunday - 5 years ago

Ours is 85% per month and excused absences don't count, within reason. Hell, my son's been sent home more times than that for illnesses.

Really Bad Sunday - 5 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss :( On a side note... Is your head start struggling with the sequester? We lost $300k in funding for our agency. 15 sites in 8 counties are being affected.

POLL: do you or will you - 5 years ago

Just for the "big" ones not each year. Kindergarten, 6th grade, high school, college... They'll each get a car at 16 too. My foster mom always had us decorate a big brown bag the week before school st...

POLL: Which is it? - 5 years ago


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