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Childbirth classes at Carolina East

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Angela --- 10 years ago -

I was wondering if anyone has done the childbirth classes at Carolina East Hospital in New Bern. If so let me know how you liked it and if it was worth going to. I know they offer some on base but it is during the weekday when me and my husband both work. 

BOOM BOOM BOOM --- 10 years ago -

I haven't. But I figure each birthing experience is different than another. Why waste your time? I want in for an inducement and I got a c section instead. Better to do the group walk around the birthing center than birthing classes. That's less o a waste of time. 

MrsSmitty10 --- 10 years ago -

Birthing classes aren't a waste of time for everyone. I delivered in Maryland but generally speaking it's good to visit the hospital you hope to deliver at so you know their rules, procedures,and ask the nurses questions ahead of time. We opted to take an all day weekend class followed by the tour. The class was 4 hours long. The tour was 10 minutes. Even if you don't do Lamaze, there is great info to be taught. And bottom line, it's relieving to have dad hear all the info at the same time as you.

I'm very grateful we took the class but if we ever have another baby obviously it wouldn't be necessary and I'd opt for the tour if it's a different hospital.

Good luck! 

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