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SNCO Nugent Cove Housing

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HopieRose --- 5 years ago -

Hi All!
We are headed to the area in a couple of months....
We are looking to move in Nugent Cove into an E8-E9 home.
Any thoughts on the new housing?
I would love to get some information on the schools for the Nugent Cove housing area, high school, middle and elementary (we have one of each).
We haven't been in the area for about 10 years, and I've heard it's changed quite a bit!

LMA26 --- 5 years ago -

Wait list for new nugent SNCO is about a year (or longer) depending on the wait list. 

HopieRose --- 5 years ago -

Thank you, we were given an availability of around March. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Elementary is Arthur Edwards, Middle School is Tucker Creek and HS is Havelock HS.

Starting with the 2014-2015, all schools will be on the same calendar.

Right now Arthur Edwards and Tucker Creek are on a "year round" calendar and the HS on a traditional calendar. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -


HopieRose --- 5 years ago -

Are they all going to a year round schedule? Or are they going back to a traditional schedule? 

HopieRose --- 5 years ago -

Any thoughts on the housing community?
I haven't lived in base housing since 2004.....MCAS New River....and that's when it was owned by the Military. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

They're supposed to be going to a modified traditional calendar, more in line with a college calendar, where HS students will take finals before Christmas break, instead of a week after the break.

The calendar usually doesn't get finalized until February or March.

I'm not military, so I can't really comment on the housing. You'll get mixed reviews. 

Vicky (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

I heard they struck down the modified calendar and will just go traditional next year.... Just some discussion at the high school this week...

Good luck on the move and Welcome to Cherry Point. 

Boobsy McNicehiney --- 5 years ago -

AWE is supposed to be going to regular school calendar for the upcoming school year.

The newer Nugent homes look very nice. We live on base, I hate it. We have had a run of very bad neighbors. BUT, it's different for everyone I guess. We just can't wait to move. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Yeah, Boobsy, no more year round school.

I haven't checked the district website to see if the calendar for next year has been posted yet.

It would make more sense to go with the modified traditional calendar so EVERYONE, including early college have the same breaks. 

Little Miss Knowitall --- 5 years ago -

Just checked the district website - 2 calendars for next year - traditional calendar and early college calendar... 

Dontchawish --- 4 years ago - 

Vicky (Mod) --- 4 years ago -

Hearing rumors that modified calendar has been approved but not broadcasted.... I hope it's not wishful thinking.... 

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