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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-28, 9 years ago.

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SNCO Nugent Cove Housing - 6 years ago

Toning? - 6 years ago

I heard they'll tone ya up nice.

NAME CHANGE: *Ihaveahairlesscat* is now *Dontchawish* - 6 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Open Letter - 6 years ago

I still have one. I love that thing.

Dog help! - 6 years ago

I'd read up on Caesar Milan's training program. He has excellent tips, tricks, and advice.

The Marine Corps is really cracking down - 7 years ago

Maybe I'm a Dbag for saying this but I think JTTOTS is hilarious. Yes, they go too far sometimes. Wimins (in the military) need to stop taking trashy pics of themselves in uniform (or civvies) and p...

According to the City of Havelock's facebook page.... - 7 years ago

I've always wanted to give Wal Mart lady an application for employment. If she really does have a child/children to take care then I'm sure whoever is watching them so she can stand outside all day w...

Acne Meds - 7 years ago

I use Arbonne products. I am currently using the RE9 line and have used the FC5 line. It's working great. My skin is better and the acne I do have isn't scarring and it's going away.

POLL: do you or will you - 7 years ago

I was wondering where the no option is. I don't think I'd do a gift.

Best spray tan ? - 7 years ago

I go there all the time.

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