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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-02, 12 years ago.

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HELP! PCS'n to cherry point need lots of info - 6 years ago

Hi, welcome! As you can tell, not many people get on this blog anymore. My family has been here for 5 1/2 years, it is a big adjustment from CA, so be prepared. We are DOD, not active, so I am not m...

Property Management Rant *names redacted* - 7 years ago

I feel your pain. We still own our house in another state and I worry all the time. Also, when we moved here I worked at a property management office and I was appalled at how the owner of the offic...

Who are the "lurkers" - 8 years ago


Car Detailing - 8 years ago

I am trying to find the name & number of a man that I had clean my car before. His name begins with an "A" (Al or Allen?) and he comes to your work or home and cleans the inside and outside of your ...

Gurganus Elementary Fund Raiser - 8 years ago

Gurganus Elementary won $25,000 from US Cellular in the contest and they are going to use the money to purchase new playground equipment!

Gurganus Elementary Fund Raiser - 8 years ago

My daughter attends Gurganus Elementary School and there is a contest sponsored by US Cellular and the school needs votes. Voting is FREE and every e-mail address can vote once. The contest is throu...

Housing Questions.... - 8 years ago

Craven county school district sent home a letter stating that next year all schools within the district will be on the same calendar to eliminate all of the in district transfers.

Housing Questions.... - 8 years ago

[i];) Yup, too bad the one there closed. [/i] Dang, we have only been here 3 years, so I didn't realize they used to have one.

Housing Questions.... - 8 years ago

Here are some local news sites, there are more, but these are the ones that I am familiar with: http://ww...

Housing Questions.... - 8 years ago

Wilmington takes about the same amount of time, we did that one once before, so we just prefer Raleigh. Also, Wilmington does NOT have Macy's and I am an addict. :)

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