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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-07, 12 years ago.

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If you really want to know you'll ask me. :)

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Tuesday RANT (or open letter) - 11 years ago

Dear Hubby, Happy birthday happy birthday to meee. Wish you were here to celebrate it with me. Stupid deployment. I'm just going to take myself to get my nails done. Woohoo for being an adult. Blah. ...

Flying question. - 11 years ago

Thank you girls so much!

Flying question. - 11 years ago

Hey there! I was wondering if ya'll could help me out. I'm wanting to go home for a visit and home is all the way in WA so tickets are crazy expensive. Would it be smart to fly out of Raleigh or would...

Open Letter Mom's Rant - 11 years ago

[i] I have. Right now, I'm reading Nora Roberts "Macgreggors" and "O'hurley" series' and Catherine Anderson's "Comanche" series. All three series' are well worth checking out. They are sooo good![/i]...

Open Letter Mom's Rant - 11 years ago

Dear New Tattoo, I love you :) Signed, Me!

Tattoo shops - 11 years ago

I just went to purple passions today and my tat look amazing! It's on my ribs so of course I was scared out of my mind. She did the outline which was horrible pain but then she sprayed on numbing spra...

My dog is sick! - 11 years ago

I give my dogs a piece of bread and half a tablet of pepto when they get sick.

Open letter - 11 years ago

Dear Doctor, That's cool that you think it kinda LOOKS like strep throat but maybe you should run some tests and tell me if it really is or isn't instead of just handing me some medicine and telling ...

Anyone seen Water for Elephants? - 11 years ago

I read the book and it was pretty good. I bet the movie will be good too the previews look amazing.

Military Payday? - 11 years ago

We have navy fed.

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